Peking Duck Restaurant, Chatswood

It’s family time again after a hard week behind my lap top starring into that abyss called an LED screen. It feels like my eyes can catch on fire working away. But at least now it is a Friday night, the kids are hungry and happy they are home after a school week, my hubby is home after a long days work figuring out what ever is on that scary looking graph called a balance sheet and we are ready to hit the town and eat some amazing food.

We decided to go to Chatswood, which is over the harbour bridge in North sydney. Chatswood is a bright and colourful town flourishing in Asian culture. People from all over Sydney come here to enjoy the positive energy that flows here and fill their stomachs with such amazing food from all across Asia.

We found a really humble restaurant called the Peking Duck Restaurant which is opposite Chatswood Chase shopping centre. It doesn’t have any English signage at the front so I’ve linked the address here for you locate it yourself. Peking Duck Restaurant, Chatswood.

My friends that own a Sydney Catering company down in Campbelltown referred me to this place and said their Peking Duck is the Best in Sydney.

The inside didn’t look like much but it was a very busy restaurant with people lining up and the waiters and waitresses rushing to cater to the demand. We finally sat down after a 20 minute wait and ordered the famous Peking Duck this restaurant is famous for. After 10 minutes of waiting, a waitress came out and sliced flat portions of the Duck and placed a slice on a freshly baked rice paper roll with a sweet hoisin sauce, cucumber and spring onion. It took a bit of work to prepare, especially I had to make 3 other rolls to feed the kids every time once they completed their roll. It was a bit time consuming, but the food was very tasty.

The duck meat was fresh, moist and the duck skin was very crispy. The duck meat was cooked well with a bit of pink in the meat which left the duck a nice texture, and not a waxy or grainy texture when you bite into an overly cooked duck or even chicken for that matter.

The duck was marinaded in what the Chinese call a Peking Sauce which is a sugar based marinade. By looking at the duck it was marinaded for many hours and I’m surprised that the duck doesn’t burn when oven roasted especially when you cook sugar which burns very quickly.

Apart from constantly rolling portions for myself and for my kids which was like feeding the Australian Olympic team, I really enjoyed this Chinese dish. The strong flavour from the duck matched with the hoisin sauce excited my taste buds and always made me wanted to go for more. 

The food is not mum-friendly, but it is definitely worth going to again. I’ll just leave the kids with their grand parents next time.

Peking duck、Chinese food

Peking duck、Chinese food

I’m dumb founded by what my 12 year old twin boys fight over. They could fight over who takes the front seat of our car to what the time is. They can never agree upon anything! I thought twins shared the same thoughts to saying the same words in a sentence. I think God is testing me to love my twin boys even more and truly admire their uniqueness, even though I feel like reining my wrath upon them. 

My 11 year old daughter Grace is gracious and calm. I can see she is going to be a woman of success some day. She likes to break down things and understand how it came about, kind of like the way I think. My twins Thomas and William are natural born leaders, I think that’s why they fight a lot, because one doesn’t want to be the follower and rather the one that takes charge. My children are amazing, I love them so much.

Why do I describe their characteristics and personalities do you ask? It is funny you asked, because when I take them to a newly found and explored eatery my kids come together, stop arguing and analysing and they simply enjoy family time while I do the analysing and commenting. I think because of the school week and dad always working and me focusing on my multiple online businesses they can finally have time with the parents. 

I see that eating out is not just about filling your stomach but really enjoying the time you have with your loved ones which really makes so much sense in this turbulent world called ‘life’.

I thought I’d add that first before I get to my food blog. I just wanted to highlight why it is so important to spend time with family and friends. Life is not to be lived alone, life is to be enjoyed with relationships. A ship unmanned is nothing without its crew. Which is why we need ‘relation-ships’. I wanted to play with my words there, I thought it would keep my blog light and funny… you’re probably rolling your eyes at me now. 

If you are feeling low and life is not rolling in the direction you want to go, don’t say to your family or friends that you don’t have the time to hang out. Make time, and make an effort to catch up with them. Your belongings, your job, your hours dedicated to your work to climb that corporate ladder will mean nothing in the end when you don’t have friends or family to celebrate with. If you’re that workaholic who wants to be at the top of that corporate ladder you will find you will get paid a lot more and have a lot of nice material things, but ‘maaaaannn!’ how lonely is it at the top? Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in so long and connect, rekindle that fire you once had with people. Life will be full of joy when you share experiences together and it is best breaking bread together. So book a time at your favourite restaurant or that really cute eatery place you’ve been willing to go to and share that experience with someone. I do that with my family every week and I’m truly the happiest mum and wife in the world.

I know you were expecting a food blog but I wanted to highlight the importance of food and I’m sure now that you know.

Go out there and experience food with someone you love.