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Hi there!

I’m chef Sonya, I’m a mother of 3 and live in western Sydney. I know what you’re thinking, a young mother that lives on the dole and rots the government by popping a baby every year or 2. You can think all you want bro! Just don’t get in my way or I’ll unleash the west side of me upon YOU. I’m kidding!

To tell you a bit about me, I’m a successful internet entrepreneur and I have multiple online businesses that run on its own. My husband is a successful corporate man in a suit and tie changing the world through finance. He said he can’t see himself doing anything else but numbers, and I love him for that.

So why am I writing a blog based on the subject matter of food when I have multiple businesses doing my bidding you ask? Well, I’m very proud of my accomplishments and my passion for business, but I love food and this is the first time I decided to focus my efforts in finding the best food Sydney has to offer. I guess I want a new challenge and decided I want to make Australians aware of how much of a gem Sydney is and eradicate the hustle and bustle image Sydney is known to be.

I have a little bit of a twist, not only do I write an awesome evaluation on the food, I also reveal the chefs secret! I’m like my husband we like to break down the numbers to find out how the answer came about, same goes with food! 

I have a sixth sense for this stuff, I can see exactly the steps of what the chef had to do to come up with the end product, no matter how difficult the preparation may be.

This all came about when me and my husband wanted to explore different cuisines after work, and it was also a great way to rekindle the passion in our relationship when it started to get rocky. We explored the city for different places to eat and at the same time we explored each others hearts . You’ll be surprised how much you can discover from your partner the more you do things with each other especially when you excite yourself with a passion like food. I recommend anyone to try this, and believe me, you’ll thank me later.

Why do I mention YOU, do you ask? Because my blog isn’t complete without the reader involving themselves in actually experimenting on the recipe. I want to encourage YOU to play, perform and experience the recipes that I write on these blogs so that your friends, family and your special someone can experience the love the creators had when they created these recipes.

I hope you enjoy the process as much as I did. If you want to contact me to ask any questions, give me recommendations or even invite me to your next restaurant or cafe or pop up store opening email me at chefsoniaandyou@gmail.com.

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With Love Chef Sonya


Happy family of five, mother, father, twin brothers and baby daughter are enjoying sunset at a beautiful beach sitting together in dunes next to the sea

Happy family of five, mother, father, twin brothers and baby daughter are enjoying sunset at a beautiful beach sitting together in dunes next to the sea.